Would I be forgiven? *Trigger Warning*

I myself had every opportunity to live that life…maybe my addict would have forgiven me or maybe not. But none of that matters because I would never have been able to forgive myself had I chosen that path.

Healing from Sex Addiction

I am going to be very sexually explicit in describing his actions and I don’t want to trigger anyone…please don’t read if this will cause you trauma.

Would I be forgiven if I:

  • Wrapped my mouth around other men’s cocks
  • Asked other men to perform oral sex on me
  • Gave men hand jobs in cars
  • Allowed men to fondle me in cars
  • Planned and told lies days in advance so that I could have sex with other men
  • Planned and told lies weeks in advance so that I could go on weekend getaways with other men
  • Asked men to send me naked pictures
  • Sent naked pictures of myself in our room to multiple men
  • Sent videos of myself masturbating
  • Sexted multiple other men in our house
  • Told multiple other men I wanted to fuck them
  • Had phone sex with multiple men in our house, at work, and in my car

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