Little Sister

I have a sister. She is 15 years younger than me. I changed her diapers, made her bottles a night, and took her to/from daycare on the bus. She was practically my daughter when we were younger and as an adult she is my best friend. When her day goes wrong, she needs advice or help she calls me. Just like when she was a baby.

As I watch her wet her feet in the dating world…I am overcome with anxiety. She is young, sheltered and naive. Her heart is kind, compassionate, and sweet. I remember what it was like to be that young, trusting and innocent. My sister is so certain she can take care of herself and that we are all too protective.

How do I explain to her that the world is a rough place. That you have already met the person most likely to rape you. He is in your circle of friends and acquaintances. Or that even the best of friends can fail to act or take care of you…by being drunk too or lost in their own drama.

As an adult I have been raped several times. Once while I was passed out with my best friend in the room next to me – she was drunk too. Another time by a boyfriend who wouldn’t stop even when I asked him too. Still another time I was attacked walking to my car while I was in college.

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