Restraining Order 2014

Different Girl…Different State

  • This one slashed my tires
  • Keyed my car
  • Dented the rear end of my car
  • Threatened to come to my work/home
  • Called my cell multiple times
  • Keyed “Fuck You” into the driver side door of Mr F’s car
  • Filed an RO against me after she was served with Mr F’s RO – stating that I had made threats, shown up at her husbands work, and threatened her children. I of course had never met her in person, did not know anything about her and RO was nothing but lies. RO was eventually dropped with prejudice. My lawyer said that the retaliatory RO just help bolster our case for harassment.

This RO is up in 2019…This is my life…As a result of this incident I…

  • Installed 8 surveillance cameras at my house
  • Installed a RingPro
  • Don’t answer the door anymore EVER
  • Don’t answer phone calls unless I know who is calling
  • Have worsened PTSD and anxiety
  • And am never surprised by how things can always get worse

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