Facebook conversations with his ex-mistress

Yes I realize this is probably an unhealthy conversation and relationship to have, but whats one more unhealthy thing on top of all the others. So what the hell…

The roof of this house is on fire and we are still trying to find the family photos and fix the windows. No ones’ even called the fire department.

For context, this conversation started May 18 after my husband (aka Mr. F) attempted to ghost his ex-mistress. It is was about 1600 that day and he was packing to fly back to his duty station. His mistress gets irate once she learns he has blocked her and has no intent of speaking to her.

I’m clueless until I open my email and see her friend request + FB message. Mr. F tries to lie and say that he has had no contact. I promptly call him on his BS – especially because his ex-mistress is actively tattling on him at that point. He then is forced to stop the gaslighting, attempts to bargain, beg, and cry. Two hours later he is on a plane back to his duty station and (not for the first time) I am left with a bunch of broken pieces.

The next day the ex-mistress continues to tattle via FB messenger because she is vindictive and hurt.

Fast forward today when the conversation picks up around 1810 (June 9).

MAY 18-19 – PART 1


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