Draft Letter 2 (06/17/2017)

I have been holding on for so long. Far longer than I would have ever thought or dreamed.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a washing machine. In go the soiled parts of our life together, I start the load, rinse and repeat. But the clothes never come out clean. A certain sour odor clings faintly to everything and the stains remain. The colors have become less vibrant with time , the whites are dingy and the the darks are faded.

I hate you, I love you, I cant live without you and I cant live with you.

I know its not my fault. I know the things that you do, you do for you. It’s not my fault but I still feel the consequences and the pain is very real. I know you cant stop. I know you wont stop. I know a part of you doesn’t want to stop. I know a a different part of you probably wants to stop.

I also know that for me there are only two ways for this to end. I tried the first way and we both know how that went – I failed. The second option is arguably the harder and more painful path. It means letting go of the pain, sadness, sense of failure, hope, and my heart. It means letting go of you and giving up on us. There was a time I would have chosen death over this option…but it came and it went…and here I still stand.

You will say you don’t know why…that you have done nothing…but you know why and how…and honestly everything that came before would be reason enough. But I cant continue tolerating your lies, omissions, and half truths. I deserve more. I have always deserved more.

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